CDSurf Net 2006

Conveniently search through your CDs without putting them in the drive



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Are you tired of looking through your CDs one by one to find that MP3 you want to listen to?

CDSurf.Net 2006 is a super useful tool to keep you from having to guess what's on your CDs and DVDs. You won't even have to load all of them into the reader until you find the right one. This is because the program lets you put together a comprehensive database containing all of your discs' contents.

But that's not all. With CDSurf.Net 2006 not only will you be able to keep the list of all of your CDs and DVDs updated but can also browse their contents as if they were files on your PC.

The program contains an intuitive interface similar to the Windows explorer. Using it to navigate through the directories of each CD/DVD is neither difficult nor tedious.

To find a file on any of your discs all you have to do is type in the file name and limit the file type included in the search in order to speed up the process. CDSurf.Net 2006 can locate a file saved on one of more than 1000 CDs within just 60 seconds.

Stop wasting time searching for files and keep all the info on your discs on hand without paying a penny.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

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